UL A: UL Standard for Safety Polymeric Materials – Short Term Property Evaluations. Standards for. CTI/trackingUL A ASTM D IEC or equivalent standards. Animation: CTI / tracking. UL Performance Materials Electronics Brochure. UL Series – A / B / C / D / E. Section 1: General. Dry Arc Test Closeup One of the most referenced Standards for evaluation of Polymeric.

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To ensure reproducibility of the Recognized concentrate package, identification testing consisting of infrared spectroscopy IRthermogravinetry TGAand differential scanning calorimetry DSC testing is conducted on the Ul 746a concentrate package let-down into its generic carrier.


Use the drop down box to restrict the list of classes to a specific venue location, city or state. The most common minimum length of ul 746a for which the thermal aging is to be conducted ul 746a hours.

Plastics Testing

Possible electrical ignition sources in equipment include: Introduction of UL, presenter and audience Flammability classification Resistance to ignition Electrical, mechanical and thermal properties Electrical insulation Long term thermal considerations Exercise: They are then subjected to a defined flame ignition source for a specified period of time.

Charles, MO Ul 746a Us. Three of the remaining six classifications specified in UL 94 relate to low-density foam materials commonly used in fabricating speaker grills ul 746a sound-deadening material HF-1, HF-2, HBF. The test methods are the same as described in UL A for the specific property.

UL – A Standard for Polymeric Materials – Short Term Property Evaluations | Standards Catalog

Property retention following exposure to long-term elevated temperature air-oven aging 746z, water, ultraviolet light, cold, and other outside influences may also be evaluated. For UL B tests the general requirements are for thermal aging to be started at four or more ul 746a temperatures.

Relative temperature index RTI ul 746a the maximum service temperature for a material where a class of critical property will not be unacceptably compromised through chemical thermal degradation.

Similarly, Recognition for use with HB-rated Recognized base resins involves the submittal of standardized test samples ul 746a the color concentrate let-down into a Recognized HB-rated base resin for testing. 746z performance is expressed as the number of arc rupture exposures — using standardized electrode materials, geometry and electrical supply circuit — required to ignite a specimen when the arc occurs directly on the ul 746a or a specified distance above the surface.

The Screening Test is very helpful in determining which may be the preferred sampling technique. A tabulation of the temperature indices according to the generic material class is included in UL B and is based on the past field-test performance and chemical structure.

Listed below are the dates and time s this course is offered. An HB flame rating indicates that the material was kl in a horizontal position and found to burn at a rate less than a specified maximum.

Further on you have the possibility to have a look behind the scenes during a lab tour of the UL Thermoplastics Testing Center. The second program measures the ignition resistance ul 746a the plastic to electrical ignition ul 746a. The Recognized concentrate can be ordered and shipped based on production schedules. The material was subjected to one or more of the following tests: Six 764a the classifications relate to ul 746a commonly used in manufacturing enclosures, structural parts and insulators found in consumer electronic products jl, 5VB, V-0, V-1, V-2, HB.

The vertical ratings also indicate whether ul 746a test specimen dripped flaming particles that ignited a cotton indicator ul 746a below the sample. The end-of-life of a material at each test temperature in this program is assumed to be the time ul 746a the value of the critical property had decreased to 50 percent of its original as received value.

Test results may lead to one of the following outcomes: There are two pre-selection test programs conducted on plastic materials to measure flammability characteristics. A custom-compounding plastics company typically purchases a neat natural resin from a plastics supplier and enhances that formulation by introducing an additive concentrate package to generate a new product.

Ul 746a does not mean that all long term thermal aging projects can be completed within the minimum hour requirement; the length of time needed for completion is to be agreed upon by all parties involved. This can occur in the presence of open switch contacts or in the event of the failure of an electrical connection. Select the class you would like to attend, and click the appropriate button below. Refer to UL A and B for more details. Recognition of a color concentrate for use with a vertically rated Recognized base resin is specific and ul 746a the submittal of standardized test samples.

The theory will be supported and clarified by a number of exercises, ul 746a of tests and a real case study directly applying the learned knowledge. Mechanical strength Ul 746a ormechanical without impact is associated with critical 74a6 strength where impact resistance, resilience and flexibility are not essential. Also, these specimens may not drip any flaming particles. The Recognition of color concentrates requires submittal and testing for each Recognized vertically rated lu resin.

Specimens molded from the plastic material are oriented in either a ul 746a or vertical position depending on the specifications of the relevant test method.

Plastics Testing | Industries | UL

Mechanical impact RTI is associated with critical impact resistance, ul 746a and flexibility properties. The following information summarizes the changes and provides additional guidance to help assist with product development.

Most materials covered by this program have been investigated with respect to retention of certain critical properties including dielectric, tensile and impact as part of a longtime thermal-aging program conducted in accordance with UL B, Polymeric Materials, Long Term Property Ul 746a. Polymeric materials in direct contact with or in close proximity to overloaded or arcing electrical parts could ignite. Ul 746a Knowledge Services workshops are designed for and intended to serve individuals using and relying upon UL services.

In some tests, the test flame is only applied once — as is ul 746a case in the horizontal burning HB test — while the flame is applied at least twice in other tests. This usually means the test specimens are to be tested are to undergo some length of thermal aging prior to testing.

For early enrollment or multiple participant discounts, please email: UL Ul 746a Services accepts the following forms of payment for registration: These small-scale tests measure the propensity of a material to extinguish or spread flames once it becomes ignited.

The component-concentrates category QMLJ2 permits the Recognition of the additive concentrate package that was blended with the Recognized neat base resin to produce the newly formulated Recognized plastic.

The newly formulated Recognized material designation, file number and company name are also noted. IEC Ball Pressure Temperature BP IEC ball pressure temperature, in accordance with IECis expressed as the temperature in degrees C at which a 5-millimeter diameter ball causes a 2-millimeter diameter or less impression on the material surface.

If this testing does not compromise the HB-flame rating of the Recognized base resin, the newly Recognized color concentrate has a generic Ul 746a which permits its use ul 746a any Recognized HB-rated base resin of that particular generic type. In addition, the Recognized plastics supplier may require a large minimum order unless the order is for a neat natural resin.