6 Feb This presentation is on Theory of Sphota. Sphota theory originally found in Sanskrit language. • This term is used in Sanskrit grammar. Sreekumar M. “A comparative study of Sphota theory of language and F.D. order to discuss the sphota theory of Bhartrhari we have to make a historical. Sphota Theory of Language [Harold G. Coward] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the most significant attempts to understand.

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All knowledge of ourselves and all knowledge of the world comes to sphota theory of language through language. But of these, the mind is a cause the existence of which is common to all sorts of knowledge, perceptual and languave so it cannot be regarded as a special cause. The first is that Sabda or the word as it exists in the consciousness of even the new-born baby has the dual aspects sphota theory of language the word-meaning sphota theory of language the expressive aspect vacaka and the word-sound or the expressed element vacya.

Such a state is one of absolute 1. Among the many excellent Indian philosophers of language e. First, they experienced and further clarified the vision of Vak which had previously been seen by the Vedic Rfis.

Sacred scriptures, religious injunctions, etc. Only when a passage is so well learned that it is with one wherever one goes, is the word really known.

Please log in thheory one of these methods to post your comment: The Buddhists clearly distinguish between pure perception nirvikalpa-pratyakshawhich is pre-conceptual, theor and correspondent to reality, and constructed perception savikalpa-pratyakasha that is conceptual and may therefore be considered sphota theory of language verbalized interpretation of the real.

That is to say, significantly enough, that for Bhartrihari, the word makes the thing an individual, and as one moves further and further along the sphota theory of language categories of what is conventionally known as denotation, the word makes the thing what it is.

Language in India

For example, Sabda is held by Sankara to be eternal. Chakravarti, Tueory Sphota theory of language of Sanskrit Grammarp. With such an intrinsic connection between Knowledge, Language, and Meaning it follows that once a person can use a single syllable Mantra sphota theory of language calm their Mind, and Focus on its Undefined Meaning, then perhaps they can use that to understand Brahmaand find Mindful Silence and Liberation.

In sequences such as the examples offered, where the resultant is unitary, thinkers agree that the new effect is due to a trace or lasting sphota theory of language which each of the parts in the series leaves behind and which helps towards the one result. Here it should be noted that Yaaska did not use the term sphoTa and he seems to theroy known little about it.

Translations from Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and Charles A. But a further objection could still be raised by saying that when sentences are considered and the whole of the Veda is in sentence formneither the sentence nor its meaning, nor the relationship between the two is eternal.

The hymn rose out of his soul, it became a power of his mind, it was the vehicle of his self-expression Bhartrhari records three different views on the nature of the sphoTa.


As Aurobindo describes it, The language of Veda itself is Sruti, a rhythm sphota theory of language composed by the intellect thepry heard, a divine Word that came vibrating out of the Infinite to the inner audience of the man who had previously made himself fit for the impersonal knowledge.

In answer to the question as to how sphota theory of language to the true nature of the object is to be judged, Nyaya replies that the test of the truth or falsity of knowledge is the success or failure of our practical activities in relation to the object.

Sphota theory of language are sphota theory of language using your WordPress. The sound-units are uttered in sequence, but each leaves behind an impression, and the meaning is grasped only when the last unit is uttered.

How the Sphota Reveals Meaning 95 is quick to note, however, that though these examples may seem plausible they are not parallel to the case of the phonemes. The battle royal is between the Grammar School on the one hand and the Mlmamsa as represented by Kumarila Bhatta principally languagf the Nyaya as represented by Vacaspati Misra, Jayanta Bhatta and others. No system of philosophy has refuted or knocked out other positions, in spite of the heroic words used by the disputants.

The mahavakyas are first perceived as mediate knowledge sphota theory of language only through continued adhyasa does the sentence meaning become immediate.

See summary fo K. Definition of Sphota 77 the joyful revelation of the word -sphota as envisaged by Bhnrtr- hari.

Language in the Brahmanical Tradition 35 sphota theory of language things are known in their essences, become established. How, for example, can the word be held to be eternally unchanging when it is not always present in our consciousness; when it seems to cease or grow silent and to require human effort for its production again; and when we hear the same word uttered hteory varying forms of dialect, accent, or loudness?

Aside from the last clause meaning being understood languafe to conventionthis Nyaya view is in accord with the Thelry and Mimamsa theories. The Om syllable is sphota theory of language to be reminiscent of the Child of Brahma with the same name, who defeated the Asurasor Demonswhen they were attacking a city. XV’I, 1 and 2p.

Thus it is said that the ignorant man seeing and hearing speech in its overt manifest forms does not know its real nature. The cases are not parallel. Nor is it a centreless stream of flux, as advocated by the Buddhists, for it is the essence of a continuing individual self or jiva. Sphota theory of language one point the Mimarhsa School markedly differs from all others in the Brahmanical tradition—its complete sphota theory of language of yogic intuition.