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Make up a name for the group.

After adding the target you will be warned that you must rescan the adapter to be able to see the devices that are available. Let’s move on to the configuration part and openfiler administration guide how we can manage this appliance for accessing shared storage ESXi Hosts. When you are satisfied with your entries, click Next to proceed with the installation process. The Openfiler administration guide type to choose is Other Linux 64 bit. If you want to use CHAP authentication, you have to configure it in Openfiler console also, then you can choose here.

Put your queries or inputs in comment box. Adminishration same steps administation other disk which all are attached to this.

Once you are satisfied with your entries, proceed openfiler administration guide clicking the OK button openfiler administration guide create the partition. Taged In Lab Home. This screen deals with keyboard layout selection.

There is also an appliance available that you can download but the appliance is not always updated to the latest version and I had mixed results in the past with importing it into different environment.

The first network interface device is therefore eth0. Thanks for visiting here. Usually this will be a fully qualified hostname e.

Graphical Installation

System Requirements Openfiler has the following hardware requirements to be successfully installed: You should now have a set of partitions ready for the Openfiler administration guide Operating System image to install to. Click Next on the welcome screen.

You can see this in the image below. As you openfiler administration guide see in the image below you must configure a Primary Group and configure ReadWrite access for NFS for your servers openfiler administration guide the entire subnet. Now, first question may be come in your mind before configuring it is that how to allocate space to this storage appliance.

This document describes the process of installing Openfiler using the default graphical installation interface. On top openfkler base machine, you will install Vmware Workstation Type2 Hypervisor.

Openfiler administration guide pdf

If at this point your screen happens to be garbled, it is likely that the installer has been unable to automatically detect your graphics subsystem adminiistration. The first screen of the installer is depicted below.

You need to type the new URL as https: After installation, configurations, I will openfiler administration guide how to use the iSCSI initiator to create a volume for your client computer so that you can store files in it. Openfiler administration guide on the New button.

With this configuration all hosts in network When that address changes, we cannot access the server. Proceed to add datastores.

In this article I will explain how openfiler administration guide setup Openfiler. You only have to create this datastore once.

Install and configure Openfiler for ESXi shared storage with NFS and iSCSI

In this section you will configure network devices, system hostname and DNS parameters. Click Next if you are satisfied with the entries you openfiler administration guide made in the previous screens. Once you are satisfied with your entries, please proceed by clicking the Next button. The following screenshots openfioer openfiler administration guide happens at this point.

openfiler administration guide About To Install This screen informs you that installation configuration has been completed and the installer is awaiting your input to start the installation process which will format disks, copy data to the system and configure system parameters such as setting up the boot loader and adding system users. Installation Once you have clicked Next in the preceding section, the installer will begin the installation process.

Now add a new volume to this volume group. For the rest of the setup process I openfiler administration guide only placed images in this article and added explanations for those parts that require it. Perform this action for all the disks you want to use. You have now completed the partitioning tasks of the installation process and should click Next to openfiler administration guide to the next step.

Next click Add Volume. If you are installing on a SCSI-only system, this disk will be designated sda. Openfiler administration guide you are satisfied with your selection, click the Next button to proceed. If you access the web based UI for the first time you will see a message that the certificate is un-trusted.