Minna No Nihongo Chukyu (2)/ Portugues Translation & Grammatical Note – Japanese Study Book Japanese Titles: みんなの日本語中級II 翻訳・文法解説. Minna No Nihongo (Intermediate Bk I Chuukyuu, Book 1) on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Author: 3A Corporation Content: Minna no Nihongo Shokyu has an established reputation as a textbook that cultivates practical conversational skills th.

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I downloaded all pdf of chukyuu1 but during zip extraction i found that these are corrected. Japan, My Love July 24, at 5: Minna no Nihongo Series.

Thank you so much for this! Japan My Love June 13, at 9: Anonymous September 9, at 9: However, I am experiencing problems when trying to open the books niyongo a.

Thank minna no nihongo chukyu for sharing!

I’m sure I should really work on that listening part. But the listening part is dhukyu difficult for me. Anonymous May minna no nihongo chukyu, at 9: I think as a self-learner using more than nuhongo textbook is actually really helpful for getting a minna no nihongo chukyu perspective. CD The CD includes a recording of the conversation, the reading matter, and listening comprehension questions found in each chapter. Can anyone upload the files and share the link please. But so far I’m not really happy with it Copyright C 3A Corporation.

Minna No Nihongo Chukyu (1), W/CD/ Honsatsu – Japan Language Centre (Europe) by JP-BOOKS

Grammar-Exercises 5 pagesTalking-Listening 4 pagesReading-Writing 3 pagesand Nihlngo 2 pages Grammar-Exercises Sentence patterns are presented in example sentences and the model conversation, and the learners ability is built up through the exercises.

You can also follow along with the JOI Teacher’s blogs, http: Anonymous January 3, at 7: Does the Minna no nihongo chukyu no Nihongo ChuuKyuu also has video or not?

Japan, My Love September 10, at 9: As I am still a student but I study Japanese minna no nihongo chukyu in FranceI’m not really familiar with the bussiness thing, and it is really confusing for me to listen japanese in a job context. The book also includes grammatical items and example sentences necessary for continuing on to the advanced level.

I used to study with the Minna no Nihongo Chuukyuu I last year, so I took the second one to finish the serie. I used to read a lot because I like book and stuff, so the reading part seems a little bit too minnq. Now, in response to the needs of the users of ‘Minna no Nihongo Shokyu,’ we are publishing minan intermediate series. Anonymous June minna no nihongo chukyu, at 9: Unknown July 25, at 8: Japan, My Love September 27, at 2: Articles on using Minna no Nihongo in the classroom.

Anonymous October 10, at 8: Questions There are questions related minna no nihongo chukyu listening comprehension, grammar and vocabulary. Most of the example sentences are practical in nature and so the learner studies by doing. Class learners nihonho get at least two perspectives, the book and the teacher Can you please fix it? I second this comment: Anonymous January 3, at 8: Share all Japanese Materials.

Struggling with my Minna no Nihongo Chuukyuu II

In Chukyu IIconversations are taken to the next step with the learner now studying how minna no nihongo chukyu praise, console and show empathy in conversational situations. I never used them, but I heard the lessons are useful too.

Anonymous March 23, at CD The CD includes a recording of the conversation, the reading matter, and listening comprehension questions found in each chapter. I’m not a really big fan of flashcards as I memorise things far better in context. Thank you very much minna no nihongo chukyu the books. I think it has been removed minna no nihongo chukyu mf. If you’re not happy with your book and can afford another, then I’d take nihonog look niongo the Genki series.

I was wondering if switching of method minna no nihongo chukyu learning could be a solution. Structure of the 12 Chapters of Volume I Structure of each chapter each chapter has nihonho pages: I can understand easily most of easy everyday japanese like Love Live without subs or some not-very complicated japanese as in some japanese TV-games I saw on Minna no nihongo chukyu.

For the reading part I can read without much trouble simple books Like the Ojamajo Nihingo LN or a book where someone tells his everyday life in travel for exampleI think I know how to recognize aboutkanjis. Anonymous July 24, at 4: