– Buy Logical Chess: Move By Move: Every Move Explained Irving Chernev () was a Russian-American chess author who wrote over 20 . All 33 games from Irving Chernev’s book Logical Chess: Move By Move (Every Move Explained), Faber & Faber ; New Algebraic Edition B.T. Batsford, . Having learnt the basic moves, how exactly should a player improve? In this much loved classic, Irving Chernev explains 33 complete games in detail, telling the.

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I own about chess books. In addition, with a book like that which is more based on positional knowledge, you won’t know how to go in for the kill or punish a misstep by your opponent.

First, the analyses are sometimes not complete or contain slight errors.

Logical Chess: Move By Move: Every Move Explained New Algebraic Edition by Irving Chernev

Having said that, you can be any standard and get something from it. Lists with This Book. If Amazon has a “Search Logicl and a “Surprise Me” on the book, then you can randomly sample about 5-page exerpts of the book. This book was written at a time when chess was played more on general principles, and less on concrete evaluation of specific positions.

The Art of Logical Thinking. Ever game in the first two sections ends in the middle game with a mate or a resignation due to an overwhelming material advantage stemming from one of those two ideas. I heard Susan Polgar has a great book on it. It would be nice to have this as an e-book with annotated pgns, but apparently his widow has not been very receptive to publishing logical chess move by move by irving chernev.

In this popular classic, the author explains 33 complete games, in detail, move by move, including the reason for each one.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Start reading Logical Chess on your Kindle in under a minute. That book is not that good. The fact lkgical Chernev makes certain oversimplifications and yes, out-and-out mistakes in some places is a good thing to be discovered at some logical chess move by move by irving chernev in a player’s chess development, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that Chernev’s book, warts and all, cannot be very!

I would be glad to read your response. May 13, 2. I think the same logical chess move by move by irving chernev be said for Chernev’s work; after all, it’s not for nothing that this instructional book from is still topical today. The saying “One has to know the rules to break them” is applicable here. The beginning games are almost all wordy explanations of what is happening, and by the middle Chernev is having the reader compute a handful of variations, and integrating the results into their analysis of a position.

I read Logical chess move by move by irving chernev, discovered the queen side openings – he never beat me again. OTOH he does h It’s nice to have a book that explains games move by logiacl. I could not have been more stupid in ignoring this book so long, not to mention being wrong about all of the above. I would say it’s for anyone with a rating of up to or so.

I loved this book. The book is clearly for Beginners and suffers a little bit from using old example games and I really mean old! It seems that Nunn who is undoubtedly a stronger player than Chernev was is correct kogical his criticisms of certain instances of analysis in Chernev’s book, and also correct in pointing out that Chernev is sometimes too quick to dogmatically conclude an overarching general principle that doesn’t properly allow for exceptions.

My goal in reading books like this is to incorporate into my subconscious as many master game patterns as possible: Quite possibly the best first book on chess. I feel the analysis of whole games really gives a feeling for the development of the game, and that the move by move format is great window into the specifics.

I have not read all books on chess, but you can rest assured – this one has earned universal acclaim. Do cherneev have a source for Nunn’s criticism, so that we can know exactly what his points are?

I know all the chess players here have already written love letters to this book, but I could not let that stop me from writing mine. Paperbackpages.

Logical Chess: Move by Move – Irving Chernev – Google Books

It was called a perfect model game – and here it was, in this book that I first saw it, despite having known about Rubinstein for a long time. This makes me read the book with caution and slight paranoia. Dec 26, Luke rated it it was amazing Shelves: This points to the fact that good positional knowledge is logical chess move by move by irving chernev to make use of the advantage. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

View all 17 comments. When I ended up on the Czech border with the Cav in the early 70’s, the king’s pawn was the universal opening.

Goodreads helps you keep track logical chess move by move by irving chernev books you want to read. When describing a move similar to one previously described, most books do not repeat the analysis previously given.

I think people like Nunn take things too seriously at times, he should chill out! It does not focus on tactics, but rather the overarching principles of how games, and attacks, are conducted. The author has a great sense of humor and distill and chess goals into very simple concepts that logical chess move by move by irving chernev up game after game.

Very good in principle but too many old-fashioned openings. But McDonald’s book has chews errors and more importantly much more insightful commentary about the plans and tactics for both lohical. Sometimes you need to feel the energy of the board and the pieces as they try to win the war.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. However, to find the winning way is far from trivial.

Aug 29, Peter Sprengelmeyer rated it it was amazing. It’s a terrific first book because the commentator Chernev explains the logical cyess process, or at times lack thereof, behind the moves in classic games. The beginner will enter a game with some idea of what they need to do to carry out a successful attack, and they will move pieces accordingly.