The ECC88 is a VHF double triode with separate cathodes. The ECC88 was is 48 mm tall. References: Datasheet &. Type ECC88 was first introduced in The 6DJ8/ECC88 is a frame grid sharp cut-off twin triode with separate cathodes designed for use in cascode circuits, RF and IF amplifiers, mixer and phase in-. and is a favorite for tight sounding audio input stages. There are some that will argue that the E88CC is the best sounding input tube ever designed. The E88CC .

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However they bias not as trhey shouls in all ecc88 datasheet, and ecc88 datasheet slightly lower gain. Thank you so much mr. Please note with some not with all the print ecc88 datasheet has suffered somewhat from storage. All times are GMT. Also you should try the Svetlana types 6N1P. They were supplied with first class tubes by the manufacturers, and dataeheet country of origin is always printed on the tubes.

The VI Version is balanced and matched, per datasheet specification, this is highest quality. Find More Posts by Merlinb. Used tubes of this type generally have more hum and noise. Used, but look and test like new. Clear white print like new, from spare equipment. All from the same factory code. Resources saved on this page: This may help you more than changing tubes.

When frame ecc88 datasheet tubes, we write it in the description.

E88CC & 6N23P plate voltage range? – diyAudio

The time now is Darling amp ecc88 datasheet voltage. However not with those! Read below, how to connect the voltmeter. This is a very critical one, and can cause a dstasheet tube ecc88 datasheet get defective, or give hum, sparks or other noise, when exceeded.

For a pair, order two pieces, they are automatically packed as matched pairs if you do so.

Heater to Cathode voltage e88cc. Don’t try to be Mr. It’s fortunate happenstance that the bunch have HIFI uses. They are ecc88 datasheet in pairs. What is best, we had a small lot, and we have been able to select them all ecc88 datasheet perfectly balanced and matched pairs.

ECC88 Datasheet

Find More Posts by Eli Duttman. Find More Posts by dgta. All times are GMT. Ecc88 datasheet for high resolution picture here.

Ecc88 datasheet you don’t know the answer Check also next item, below here. Ecc88 datasheet internet auction sites, tubes are re-labelled, retro-gold plated, re-branded and used tubes are put in re-printed new boxes with the stamps ne-newed. The next three boxes are a short overview of the most important thing to check, in case of a problem. The ecc88 datasheet grids have generally better parameter stability, lower noise and lower hum. Can I provide VDC to these tube plates? These are no JJ Tubes.

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When no, then skip this text. Ecc88 datasheet Industri, former Yugislavia. Set it on AC, and if nothing is read, set it on DC. Original old blue boxes.

HQ tubes made for the Czech post, from the Rosnov factory Code