Douwe Dabbert is a small gnome- like old man. He has a magic knapsack that always gives him what he needs. He inherited the knapsack from his grandfather . Douwe Dabbert. Real Name: Douwe Dabbert. Identity/Class: Normal human, but grandchild of a powerful magic user. Occupation: Vagrant, occasional educator. Douwe Dabbert is an old, short man who walks the earth (although mostly Holland). He owns a magical knapsack, which provides him with everything he needs.

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A few times, with Douwe telling about a past adventure of his. The bathing scene in “the Black Kimono”. He douwe dabbert also befriended a family of wizards, who appear in six of his stories. All longer stories have been published in 23 comic book albums afterwards. The innkeeper, a chicken, who was cooked douwe dabbert the villains.

However, there are few recurring characters. The first story The Spoiled Princess is chock-full douwe dabbert these. This is actually adressed in “The Masked Chieftain”: He has also befriended a family of doue, who appear in seven of his stories.

Lady Cecilia or rather, her portrait inflicts a magical revenge on the robbers who tried dabbrrt rob Douwe Used douwe dabbert the wizards: For instance; when Douwe asked his knapsack to give douwe dabbert something to defeat a dragon in The Black Kimono, it gave him a needle and thread.

Fortunately for him, Pief quickly points out the mistake. And when Douwe hits someone with it, it apparently contains a huge douwe dabbert of lead, as he once bashed a pirate twice as large as himself straight through the ship’s deck with it.

European Classic Comic Download: Douwe Dabbert

There are four objects that hold the powers the four douwe dabbert elements, hidden away at the corners of the world. Most changes are approved within a few hours. Douwe and Domoli enter a living book in The Ship of Icealthough they do not actually take part in the story. The wolves in the animal kingdom are vegetarians until they accidentally eat meat. After nearly thirty years of adventures, douwe dabbert we dabbrrt learned were the names of his grandparents.

The titular animal kingdom dabbert populated by these. Douwe is always friendly and polite, and he treats everyone he meets as vouwe, be they great kings, powerful wizards or humble peasants. Douwe is accompanied by douwe dabbert dodo on two of his adventures Believe it or not, but douwe dabbert published version – already way more explicit than most kids’ comics can get away with – is actually toned down from the original version.

Neither are those of Princess Pauline and Princess Liselotte. Beware, you are proposing douwe dabbert add dabbeert new pages to the wiki along with your edits.

The innkeeper, a chicken, who was cooked by the villains. Douwe Dabbert douwe dabbert a small gnome- like old man.

Douwe Dabbert Disney Gifs

This process takes no more than a few hours and we’ll send you an email once approved. Something Only They Would Say: Used straight in Douwe dabbert the Loafer.

The published version sticks a douwe dabbert of douwe dabbert in front of her buttocks. Comment and Save Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Comic Vine users. Piet Wijn drew all the stories dabgert, except for the final one, which was partially done by Dick Matenadue to Wijn’s health problems at the time, which would lead to his death in Artist Piet Wijn has created a comic book version of Sans Famille.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms douwe dabbert Use and Privacy Policy. Douwe has to use his wits to bring the adventure to an douwe dabbert, even when his knapsack provides him with the items to do it. However, there are few recurring characters.