D UltraLife Specimen Mold. UltraLife Specimen Molds by CCSi. CCSi UltraLife molds are designed, engineered, and manufactured to produce high quality. 10 Nov Buy ASTM D Standard Test Method for Rubber Deterioration-Surface Ozone Cracking Outdoors or Chamber (Triangular Specimens). D Standard Test Method ASTM Standard Test Method for Rubber Deterioration-Surface Ozone Cracking Outdoors or Chamber (Triangular Specimens).

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ASTM D – pdf全文-调研报告-在线文档

Fortunately there are a few different standard test methods that help astm d1171 how a particular rubber behaves when exposed to ozone, such as ASTM D The overall length of the specimen is 10 inches long.

Static high pressure discharging tube type generator. The durable, hard chrome astm d1171 resists the corrosive and adhesive effects of most compounds, astm d1171 improving overall durability astm d1171 ease of maintenance. Below are three examples of these materials after the 72 hour period. This application uses the test method known as UL for compounds to be listed for atmospheric ozone and generated ozone. Packaging Details Outer package: The ozone test chamber simulates and strengthens the conditions of ozonestudy the effects of ozone on rubberand then take effective anti-aging measures to improve the life of rubber products.

Ozone Resistance

CCSi UltraLife molds feature a unique cam-action hinge design which improves the critical distribution of pressure. EPDM rubber, silicone rubber, and HNBR rubber The final test specimen is a nitrile, which is not very ozone-resistant as astm d1171 by the growing cracks throughout the strained section of the test specimen.

Nitrile Buna-N rubber Sometimes, with materials that are known to be very resistant to ozone such as ethylene propylenesome product developers also choose to increase the exposure time astm d1171 follow the latter part of the test method. When rubber polymers are attacked by ozone, a compounder will use waxes astm d1171 antiozondiants chemicals added to the formulation that astm d1171 up the free radicals created by the ozone before they attack the polymer backbone asttm protect the rubber.

One can quickly understand that even if nitrile buna-N rubber is readily available, it might not be the best choice.

Astm d1171 steel with ivory white finishing. The resistancy of a material will determine which applications it astm d1171 be used for, such as car door seals and weather stripping. How long, once exposed, do you want the part to last?

Astm d1171 also allows the overflow recesses to be deeper, reducing problems associated overfill. The handles are manufactured from stainless steel a chromium – nickel austenitic alloy and contain integral support pins. One of the first design consideration that engineers should take into account when working with rubber are the effects of ozone. These astm d1171 typically made of EPDM rubber, which is very stable in asstm and will last a long time. The CCSi UltraLife mold platens are thicker than standard molds, providing superior heat and pressure distribution, as well as extending the mold’s useful life by resisting distortion.

Large triangular pry slots are located at the corners, opposite the cam-action hinges. Precision grinding ensures a parallel surface profile of the platens and CNC machining provides ultra-close dimensional tolerances, while the honing astm d1171 polishing processes guarantee smooth, true specimen cavities. Unprecedented zstm exposure of all specimens using a rotating carousel. CCSi UltraLife molds are designed, astm d1171, and manufactured to produce high astm d1171 specimens, over an extended service life!

Ozone safety interlocks module. How to choose the most suitable products? It is also very common for the specimens to be removed at the hour and hour marks and be given ratings for those time periods, as ashm. The question must be asked — how much exposure should rubber have, and what is the expected life astm d1171 the astm d1171 product? The mold cavities are expertly honed and hand polished, after which the mold is industrial chrome plated.

Welcome to enquire and purchase! Not exactly what you want? The final test specimen is d111 nitrile, which is not very ozone-resistant as evidenced by the growing cracks astm d1171 the strained section of the test specimen. This sample would have the comparative rating astm d1171 three, which is the worst rating that the specification can give. Contact Supplier Start Order. After an order is placed, when to deliver?